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  • short story of long worry

    It was an undefined Wednesday. You were with your friends and I was with somebody else. We both were on the same time, same place, same clothes, and same aim but if we talk about your feeling, was it same too?
    Then I just took a walk into lavatory, and I saw a girl, with her red sweater
    Then I just took a look at her, and I inspected on her closely
    Then I just took a breath cause felt like there was something stabbing my chest
    Oh God she was damn beautiful
    Her straight hair, slim body, and the big eyes
    which I always dreaming of can be possessed
    her lips was so pink, and thought crossed my mind
    if I never touch those fuckin dope
    and she was just an expert in basketball like you do
    if I never quit from the team at the beginning of the year
    and she was pretty kind of adult girl
    if I never been such jealous, envy, stubborn, and selfish

    may you smile on me once, at least ?

    and she was ..
    a girl-who-loves-you-so-much-and-she-can-be-that-brave-to-tell-about-her-feeling

    and I just



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